Antivibration Pad/Mounts
We are one of the reliable suppliers offering a quality Range of anti-vibration mounts. These mounts are known For their dimensional accuracy, high performance and easy Maintanence. Our ranges include round levelling mount, Precision wedge mount, cushy foot mount, screw support Mount, u shear mount etc. Few of the them are described below.
Round Levelling Mounts
One piece moulding and compact design ensures no fastening To the floor. Due to reduced over all height and fine dynamic Stability it has fine height adjustment under full loads.

Screw Support Mounts
Screw support mounts are simple and effective vibration Dampers for machines with respective holes in base. These Mounts offer both low frequency attenuation and stable Machine levelling.

Precision Wedge Mount
Wedge mounts are designed for industrial machine tools that require precision leveling. This three piece wedge mount has an adjustable bolt which moves the center wedge between top and bottom stationery wedges to provide lift, to the top wedge. Anti-Skid plate is provided on the top wedge therefore, machines are installed as free standing. Large supporting surface ensures solidity and rigidity. Vibration reduction is possible
through assembling respective insulation plates .

Double “U” Shear Mount
U Shear Mounting are manufactured in four different sizes such as UR-211, UR-212, UR-213, UR-214,

U Shear mounts are soft in nature & it has a spring action. U Shear mounts are capable of absorbing shocks & vibrations in vertical & as well as lateral directions. The designs incorporate built in protection against metal to metals bonding. A wider base provides stability in the installed equipment. Double U Shear Mountings can be
prepared as pre compressed. U Shear mountings are used for instruments, electronics apparatus protecting to equipment in packing cases, suspending light components, recorders in a vibrating equipment, eclectically controlled panels, suspending ducts pipe lines & high speed motors for hydraulic power packs, buffers etc.

Machine Mounts
Machine mounts are ready to use for Workshop Machineries No need of foundation, foundation Bolt, grouting, anchoring etc. It is very fast for installation of any Workshop Machineries. A height adjustment & precise leveling features are provided. It will provide excellent mobility of machinery layout in workshop. It insulates high frequency vibration, sound & prevents wondering of machineries due to the large area of contact with the floor & keeps the machineries in position firmly. It safe guards the surrounding installed machines from shocks & impacts of installed machineries.

These mounts are used in all places where you need safe machine installation without floor anchorage. It is beneficial on working performance, working condition in the adjacent premises, such as offices & laboratory, are enormously improved.

Plastic injection moulding machines, blow Moulding machines, packaging machinery, textile, Pharmaceutical ,printing machinery, control panels, Lathe machines, drill press, band-saw screw machines, Extruder machinery, electronics and medical equipments,
Cnc turnng centre, vmc machinery, press brake, Equipments for die casting etc.